750 is the new 450. Enough is enough. I have probably spent too much time on the magnificent big picture Boston blog. The old 450px width of the Schnipsel blog is so outdated. It felt like starring at thumbnails in the end. That’s why I have already tried to keep photo sets e.g the France shots in a larger format. And to be honest, you would not really want to indulge in the Schnipsel world on smartphones or ancient 1024×768 screens. However this means you will browse more or less – literally – a construction site for the moment, that changes not only content but also its shape.

  1. …this also means that all previous posts might look a bit awkward since the old image width does not really correspond to the new one. But that’s just what it is. I was also thinking of moving all old posts with the old sizes and look into a sub-site of the Schnipsel blog whilst running the new size on the main site.

    Any suggestions how else to solve that? More than welcome! At least it’s too late tonight to think of any other solutions =)


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