Tragic loss, but no news: Hackney Empire will draw its curtain due to financial difficulties this spring. Nicole and I had the chance to attend the pantomime “Aladdin” and a talent show in that impressive venue within one week. Do not do the same horrible mistake to confuse mime artist and pantomime (see wikipedia), you’ll be served the complete opposite of a German “Pantomime”.

The “Borough Shield” contest turned out to be a hip hop and r’n’b driven Hackney variation of X-Factor (DSDS) that called youngsters from various London boroughs to give their best performance. The most thrilling moment was definitely watching the policemen at the entrance supported by security and metal detectors. Later on during the show, wisdom has been spread amongst the viewers. Flyers informed you about the consequences of knife and gun crime:

“You get five years for carrying a gun and one year for every bullet in the gun.” Anyways, all in all we saw great synchronised dancing, listened to mediocre singing and sat in an impressive atmosphere thanks to the glorious architecture and the crazy audience.

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