Design: Scott Miller (2002/2003)


Design: Jean Widmer (1977)


Design: in-house, under the guidance of the NYPL’s art director, Marc Blaustein (2009)


Design: Studio Dumbar (2004)


Design: Alan Fletcher (no guarantee, year unknown)


Design: Woody Pirtle (1991)


Design: Richard Moon, Ceil Webber, Andy Locke (2006)


As I posted here a few days ago, I am so in love with that poster designed by David Pidgeon for the Wim Crouwel exhibtion, that took place earlier this year at the Design Museum in London. I feel quite lucky to hold one of the 150 copies. I took this photo earlier today when I woke up. It’s still rolled up and rests on the chest of drawers, waiting to finally go up on the wall. What a great view to wake up to!



Photograph by Gordon Esler



I have no idea who the original creator of this illustration is. But it explains a lot.


We went to Heaven at Charing Cross last night to see Neon Indian. After a few difficulties with the sound set-up in the beginning they’ve proved to be a great live band. I was particularly impressed by the light design which perfectly complemented the sound. This photo up here doesn’t do any justice, as it’s fairly monochrome in contrast to their grand colourful light show.

And that’s how the guys from Texas sound like:
6669 and Heart: Release






Let me describe the following as “embarassing”.  I was trying to set up this public holiday, or let’s title it rather “Remembrance Day”. But how can you establish something like the “Day of the Shoe” if the founder himself forgets about it (nearly) every year. Doesn’t look like I will be able any time soon to turn that day into an extra Bank Holiday in the UK.

Anyways, happy (delayed) Day of the Shoe (15 Oct)!

(More information on this day in previous posts such as that one here.)



Cant’t wait to put this one up. It’s def worth to see what Unit Editions are offering at the moment. Most of their products are 50% off! Be quick looks like they’re going fast.


Sounds too good to be true. Just came across the Wiki article on Siberian cats. They bring two assets to the table that captivate me:

1) They look amazing (very similar to ‘Topsy’, my cat I grew up with)
2) Even though there is no profound scientific proof, it looks like the Siberian cat has hypoallergenic qualities. That would mean no itchy nose & no sneezing (apart from the daily dose of exhaust fumes and dust mites).

Sounds like a perfect match to me!

(photo:  Thomas Bode)







Utterly influenced by David Attenborough and my camp holidays over the last years, I am thinking of establishing a little series here featuring some phenomena that wonder woman mother nature has to offer.

Starting off with these amazing wasps’ nests from South America: Depending on the wasp species the construction and appearance of the nest varies (left: SW Brazil / right: NW Brazil)


Even though I could have easily spent the rest of the year in Sardinia there is still loads of amazing stuff to do and see in the rainy British capital. I went to see the “Age of the Dinosaur” exhibition at the National History Museum. About 20 years later it seems I am still as fascinated as I was when I had my own massive plastic dinosaur collection as a boy.

Then again 20 years later it takes a lot more to excite me and I must say the gigantic exhibits (to be viewed for free) in the entrance hall of the museum were more impressive than the bits and pieces I got to see in the exhibition. The bigger disappointment however was the exhibition design itself: Narrow corridors, mediocre graphics and typography, the partly random sequence of exhibits and the entertainment part with those moving “life size” plastic dinos.

But even though the design side of things was a letdown it was fascinating to see and even touch some dino parts (not in a perv way!). On top of that I walked the tunnel to the V&A and admired the sign Troika did. Genius! On my way home I finally took a photo of the Menier Chocolate Factory billboard that I passed so often on the train but always missed to photograph.


Got one more week to go at work and I do feel fairly exhausted. So it’s just the right time to head off to Sardinia. That means I will leave all tech stuff behind, grab a couple of books, pizzas and wine and enjoy what life is really about. See you in September!


The original video that inspired me to create this intense, delicate and time consuming piece of art (above):


Matt Forderer, 2004