Sia kam mir bereits in den Songs von Zero 7 zu Ohren. Nun stieß ich auf ihr Soloprojekt; auf die Scheibe “Lady Croissant”, um genau zu sein. Selten hat mich eine Stimme so begeistert. Wahnsinnig charakterstark und emotionsgeladen. Ohrenbalsam! Bringt mich sicher durch die kalte Jahreszeit und die heiße Diplomphase.

Zero 7’s songs “Give it away” and “In the Waiting Line” are classics. Their album “simple things” including the song “Destiny” is still adorable. Sia Furler is one of the heads of Zero 7. A few days ago I stumbled across her soloproject and now I am listening to her “Lady Croissant” over and over again. Powerful and sentimental – really impressive! Actually she had to become such a perfect singer: her godfather is Colin Hay (Men at Work – Down Under). Sia’s fourth LP “Some people have real problems” will be released in January 2008.

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