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Mr Peeky
and cat and dog

Montag, Mai 25th, 2009

I just returned from a lovely weekend in the lovely small town Newbury which is a 1 hour ride west of London. The canal, the pubs, the particular pub (the lock?) at the canal, the small shopping street, the Nepalese restaurant, the Scottish mother and even the redneck hippsters in their super sleek Vauxhall (Opel) Corsas – they were ALL lovely. Did I say lovely?

A further note on what happened recently in my extremly exciting over the top life. Ive got 2 tiny bruises on my left index finger thanks to my clumsy attempt to change some razor parts. We gave him a name and a girly make up. I have also been reminded how brilliant cats are, I need to get one very soon to satisfy my deepest needs. The crossed dog poo looked like a little man in a toy’s car.


Mittwoch, Mai 6th, 2009

The idea of “less is more” does not work anymore if you want to make sure this weird cardboard construction with 4 pint glasses for Big Do will not arrive as a jigsaw in Würzburg. Can anyone get us new parcel tape for our studio?


Mittwoch, Mai 6th, 2009

I had a great weekend on the Reading Beer and Cider Fest (West of London) with Nicole and her friends. Supported by the sun, loads and loads of food supplied by Mum and of course billions of various beers and ciders, that day could only turn out to be lovely. My only slight complaint: the longest queue ever (about 300 m), but I guess that’s just another indispensable aspect of a genuine British fest – just like the Morris dancers.


Montag, Mai 4th, 2009